STUDIO LOT is the result of more than 20 years of experience in Interior Design & Architecture.

For Studio LOT every project is a unique opportunity to realise our client’s dreams in a collaborative process between client and designer. 


Studio LOT's most essential value is the relationships we form with our clients, like minded trades people and suppliers who share the same work ethics and will not compromise on quality to achieve the best results possible for the projects.


STUDIO LOT has an open communication style and transparency during the complete design process and our detailed approach provides sound design solutions that add value and individual flair. We strive on producing timeless quality design that is a reflection of our client’s taste not our own or a passing design trend.


We feel rewarded for the amazing clients we have, the projects that we continue to nurture daily on our design journey and we invite you to be part of it! Let's collaborate!

Viewing the sun rise over Burleigh beach is our Director's inspiration; for Leanne, there is something magical about the energy just before first light and the Studio LOT team is stimulated daily by the natural environment surrounding them, overlooking the ocean.

With a career spanning a few decades, Leanne feels grateful that her passion for Interior Design started young and led her on an amazing global path. Over the years her intuitive skills have become an invaluable tool to identify design solutions beyond the obvious, which is essential for space planning and conceptual design as well as her attention to detail which is one of her key strengths that Leanne brings to every project.